Ryanair workers caught on camera playing 'cone flip' game on runway at Prague airport

A Ryanair passenger caught two airport workers playing with two cones on a runway in Prague, Czech Republic.

The filmer from Northwich in the UK, caught the funny moment on his camera whilst waiting at Prague Airport to board a flight to Stansted in London on June 19.

Footage captured shows the workers taking turns to land a cone on top of another in the distance.

After several attempts, one of the workers nails the game and celebrates it with a joyful dance.

The filmer told Newsflare: ''My Ryanair flight from Prague to Stansted was delayed and people on the flight we're getting a bit tetchy.

''Clearly, the ground staff had intentions to cheer us all up by playing a game of (what I'm calling) 'cone flip' outside our plane.

''The game went on for a few minutes with little success but then to the delight of the plane (from an audible cheer!) one of the guys playing managed to nail it, celebrating with a floss.

''Thanks to those two guys who made our delay much more easy to deal with.''