Sainsbury's apologises after shopper finds dozens of worms in her celery

This is the stomach-churning moment a woman found dozens of WORMS inside a pack of celery from Sainsbury's.

Benjapan Sage, 35, bought two bags of celery from Sainsbury's in Maidstone, Kent, on June 25 as she was planning to make a green smoothie at home.

But while she was preparing the vegetables in the morning on June 30 - one day after the best before date - the disgusting creatures were found in the bowl of water.

Footage taken at around 8 am shows dozens of transparent parasites wriggling around in the bowl of tap water.

Benjapan, a photographer, said she tried three times to clean the celery but ''more worms kept coming out''.

Sainsbury's later apologised and refunded Benjapan by giving her 1000 Nectar points.

Benjapan, who is from Thailand but has lived in the UK for seven years, said: ‘’There were a lot of these horrible little worms when I washed the celery the first time, so I washed again with a brush but more of them kept coming out.‘’

The shopper decided to throw away the vegetables before telling the store about their product. Customer service staff apologised and gave her 1000 Nectar points (£5) as a refund.

After being sent the video of the worms in the celery, Sainsbury's said to the customer in a message: ''Sorry about that. Can you send me a picture of the barcode and let me know which store you bought this from.

''I've popped 1,000 Nector points (5GBP) into your account today which will arrive within 72 hours. I've also logged this info for review with the store. Hope this helps. Adam.''

Disappointed Benjapan added: ‘’I like to put celery in my drink, so I buy it quite often. But this was the first time I bought it from Sainsbury’s and it was in this condition.

‘’I hope the store will be more careful when choosing the fresh fruits and vegetables because anything could be hiding inside them and be harmful to customers.’’