Savvy inventor shows how you can make a simple home-made juicer

This savvy inventor from Bangladesh has come up with a crafty way to create your own home-made juicer.

The craft video shows that all you need are household objects such as jars, tins and wires as materials, while using easily acquired tools including a soldering iron and a craft knife.

The tutorial begins by taking a plastic jar and cut a hole in the top, then connect a small motor to a switch with a soldering iron.

The inventor continues by connecting an AC/DC adaptor with wires to the motor, from here he creates the blade that would be used with a piece of metal from a can, which is cut to make it sharper.

He then cuts a pen and connects the blade to the motor and then seals everything together with a nail and adhesive.

Finally he demonstrates the tool by making a fresh glass of fruit juice.

The footage was filmed earlier this month on February 6.