Schoolgirl, 8, speaks about how she chased off gun-wielding robbers

A hero schoolgirl who tackled gun-wielding robbers has spoken about the ordeal after being released from hospital.

Eight-year-old Brielle Minia suffered a broken nose after she bravely lunged at the gunman after his gang stole a bag from her father containing around 20,000 Piso (£280) in takings from the family's shop.

The group kicked Brielle, rammed her with a motorcycle, then threw her to the ground before making their get-away in Cavite, Philippines, on September 27 at 5pm.

Brielle was taken to hospital while cops investigated the armed robbery. But after being released she calmly returned to her room to catch up on schoolwork.

Speaking on camera for the first time, Brielle said: ''I just wanted to help get back the money, they can't just take it away.''

Brielle said she knew that the men were robbers and had even seen the ringleader carrying a gun before she threw herself at them to try and thwart their getaway.

She said: ''When I returned home from school, I saw the four robbers. I saw that they were causing trouble over there. I knew that they were thieves.

"The other one was pretending to sell DVDs, but I saw him hit my father in the head to take the bag. I took the bag from the man but he went back for it and kicked me.''