Science teacher blows-up hydrogen balloon in front of family

A science teacher dad bounces a balloon filled with hydrogen around in his front room. He has a big cheesy grin across his face as he knows what is about happen.

The ethereal balloon floats unusually in the air as the teacher pokes it with his fingers and points out it shouldn't float like that.

As the balloon demonstration continues the teacher pulls out a long stick which he then sets alight.

Much to the shock and awe of the filmer and others in the room the teacher sets this balloon alight causing an enormous bang. This scares everyone in the room causing a scream from one girl and a gasp from the filmer.

One young girl even asks if there are poisonous gases in the room after the explosion but the teacher reassures her "No darling, just water."

Footage shows the a small pink balloon floating in the air unlike a normal balloon. The science teacher pokes it around with his finger while asking the filmer if the balloon should float like that.

The teacher then explodes the balloon forcing one person in the room to walk out.