Scooter driver miraculously escapes death twice seconds apart

Dramatic video captured a scooter driver miraculously escaping death twice over just a few seconds.

In the CCTV clip, shot in Shangrao City in southeastern China’s Jiangxi Province on November 14, a blue truck crashes into a scooter and knocks the rider down.

Then another red truck hits the floored scooter and drags it forward, knocking the rider forward and out of the path of the truck tyres.

The rider gets back on his feet after the red truck driver turns the steering wheel to avoid him and also stops his vehicle.

According to the scooter driver, he was wearing a pair of earphones to listen to music when he was driving on the road.

Because one of his earphones dropped out of his ear, he used one hand to pick it up. When he noticed the blue truck, he could not steer properly out of the way using only one hand.