Second-hand iPhone explodes in owner's hands and burns his hair

A man in eastern China with a second-hand iPhone was injured when it suddenly exploded, burning its owner’s eyebrows, eyelashes and hair.

The CCTV video, shot in Jinhua City in Zhejiang province on January 17, shows a ball of fire suddenly bursting out of an iPhone when a man is using it in front of a desk.

He can be seen throwing the phone away immediately and jumping up from the chair while using his hand to wipe his face.

According to reports, the man named Hu bought the second-hand iPhone 6 Plus from his friend’s shop half a year ago.

Since the phone was repeatedly switching on and off, Hu put it on the table until it was back to normal. However, the phone suddenly exploded after he held in hand to play for a short time.

Hu’s friend Jiang said he could not remember if the phone has been repaired or not. Hu has reported the case to Apple and the customer service department was investigating it.

Although Hu’s hair and eyebrow were burnt, his eyes were alright after being cleaned in hospital.