Selfie-mad tourists in China destroy rare pink grass field

Chinese tourists completely destroyed a pretty pink grass field as they tried to search for perfect selfies in eastern China.

Chinese tourists trampled over a field of rare pink grass in search for the perfect selfie, forcing the enclosure to close just two weeks after blooming.

The video, filmed in Hangzhou City in Zhejiang province on October 14, shows maintenance workers using hoes to cut off the destroyed muhly grass, and the accompanying stills illustrate the field before and after being ruined by the tourists.

According to local media, the plant had been imported from Australia and the caretaker, Zheng, spent three years growing the rare grass. Tourists flocked to the park after it went viral on a Chinese music app called Tiktok.

Zheng and her colleagues said they had to cut all the grass down to avoid it being eaten by worms, and that it won't be able to bloom again next year.

"It’s like my child is being bullied, but I can’t do anything to stop it," she said of watching the tourists step over the plant she had so carefully tended to.