Sensational ping pong trick shot will leave you in awe

Unbelievable scenes coming from Kenya showing a crazy ping pong trick shot using household items last week (January 4).

The ping pong aficionados dubbed "PongMasters" online set up an intricate shot using household items such as sticky tape rolls and plastic cups.

The shot that needed less than one second's worth of time to go through all the rolls as they were dropped from a makeshift hill. As the ping pong shot darts through the tape it finishes by landing in a cup.

The filmer explained: "We wanted to display our skills in timing. Two tapes remain stationary and 2 tapes are rolled from inclined planes.

"Given the speed of the rolling tapes and the distance to the target cup, we have about less than a second to make the shot as the ball must cleanly go through all tapes."