Sewing plastic waste into bags and aprons in Indonesia

One woman from Padang in Indonesia is taking on the plastic waste problem directly - by sewing it into new and useful products.

Sri Ningsih sews empty plastic sachets for drink powders, and other plastic waste, into sheets that she then turns into aprons, bags, tablecloths and more.

The plastic comes from waste delivered to the Sakinah Waste Bank in Batu Gadang Village in Padang City, West Sumatra Province.

Sri Ningsih then hands the products back to the Waste Bank, where they are sold. She earns around five dollars a day from this micro-business.

Indonesia is one of the largest plastic polluters on earth, with much of it ending up in its own rivers and seas. Recognising the issue, some areas of the country have introduced or have promised to introduce bans on plastic bags recently.