Sheriffs and Inmates Save the Day

Occurred on February 14, 2019 / Florida, USA

Info from Licensor: My husband and I were at the Pasco County courthouse where I had a pre-trial that morning. Our baby became very fussy and I asked my husband to exit the courtroom with her and take her on a short ride in the car until I was done and I would call him when I got out. As I was walking outside I noticed a deputy walk over towards my vehicle and he approached my vehicle and I immediately got nervous so I walked over and my husband informed me that he accidentally locked the baby in the car. He told me his hands were full so he threw his keys and phone in the front seat in order the strap the baby into her car seat. He shut her door then went to open his door to get in the vehicle and realized it was locked. The sheriff had already approached him because a young gentleman went into the courthouse and got a sheriff and notified them immediately that there was a man outside who had a baby locked in the car the sheriff came out notified other deputies to come out. They tried to get the door open but could not. One deputy noticed that there were inmates out on work release in the parking lot and called them over for help. Three inmates stepped up. They pulled my door open, slid a coat hanger down in there, hit the unlock button and saved my baby. I congratulated and thanked them all.