Shiny new ride! Rare crystal-encrusted Lamborghini spotted in central London

This Lamborghini, seen outside the Lanesborough Hotel in London, has been customised with thousands of crystals from the jewellery company Swarovski.

The supercar model, an Aventador SV, is already rare with only 600 ever produced, however Russian model Daria Radionova, who owns the Lamborghini, took the extra step by encrusting her car with crystals.

Radionova owns several other impressive supercars and shows them off on her Instagram account.

Kush Shah, who filmed this video, told Newsflare: "I was shocked and excited as this is already a super rare car - 600 only produced and not many in London. But to see one that is covered in Swarovski crystals makes it the only one of its kind in the world!"

Upon touching the car, Shah said: "It felt rough, like running your hand over tarmac or a large hole cheese grater!"

This footage was captured on Saturday, April 20.