Shocking hit and run caught on camera in Bristol

This was the shocking moment a pedestrian is clipped by a speeding vehicle and left for dead as it drives off in Bristol on Saturday (February 16).

The car accelerates past the junction and catches the pedestrian who is knocked in the air before spinning and hitting the tarmac.

Members of the public quickly run to the aid of the clearly injured person while the vehicle that hit them is nowhere to be seen.

As traffic progresses, a small crowd gathered the victim appears to be not too badly damaged by the vehicular attack.

The filmer said: "I was in Bristol and I saw a gentleman out the corner of my eye fall over.

"To be honest I thought he tripped on the pavement and didn’t think much of it.

"This morning I thought I would review my dash cam footage of this to see what happened.

"What I saw shocked me! A vehicle actually struck the gentleman leading him to fall to the ground and the car making off.

"Of course, I have reported this to the police! The guy was alright apart from shaken up..."