Shocking moment Filipino driver pokes motorcyclist in the eye and knocks him off before speeding away

This is the outrageous moment a road rage driver pokes a motorcyclist in his eye and knocks him off his bike before speeding away.

The furious motorist pulled over to confront the rider after they exchanged angry hand gestures in the Pasig City area of Manila, Philippines, on Monday (July 22).

Footage shows how the middle-aged driver in a white t-shirt and baseball cap confronted the motorcyclist.

He pushed his finger through the rider's open visor poking him in the eye before slapping his helmet twice which knocked him to the ground. The motorist then sped away.

Onlooker Sheryl Yaneza said the car driver had been continuously hitting his brakes causing problems for the vehicles behind him.

She said: "The motorcycle rider who was immediately behind him confronted the car driver because his space was being squeezed and it was dangerous.

"He ended up with being attacked and his bike damaged. I hope he reports it to the police so they can find the driver and punish him.''

Officers from the Pasig City Police Station said they had not received a complaint from the motorcyclist.