Shocking moment Hanoi chef removes heart from wriggling snake next to diners

Chefs splice open a live snake in front of customers, including children, so that its still-beating heart can be served up for diners at a restaurant in Vietnam.

Locals believe eating the heart of a poisonous snake has health benefits and boosts virility.

The heart of this snake was taken out at a local restaurant in the capital Hanoi last November and served in a glass of liquid, where according to Newsflare sources it is served still beating.

The rest of the snake is made into food, its bones and skin fried with the meat and made into rolls and soup, with the blood mixed with alcohol and served.

Animal rights activists have spoken out against such practice, with British celebrity TV chef Gordon Ramsay being criticised in the past for consuming the heart of a snake in this fashion.

At that time, Animal Aid spoke out against the practice, saying: "Snakes can feel pain like any other animal and there is no excuse for this."