Shocking moment Indian actor catches fire on stage

An actor had to be rescued after catching fire while performing a fire-breathing routine.

The accident happened on October 13 in a village in Damoh, Madhya Pradesh, India.

Ramesh Mishra, 48, was playing the role of demon ‘Tadaka' in a play based on Hindu epic Ramayana.

Footage shows Mishra filling his mouth with kerosene and spitting it on a torch.

During the second attempt, his shirt on which he had spilled some kerosene accidentally caught fire.

As the fire threatened to engulf him, he fled the stage followed by fellow actors and members of the audience who managed to douse the fire.

Mishra suffered burns on his face and hands and was taken to a hospital.

“It was an accident. I survived as I was rescued quickly and rushed to a hospital,” said Mishra.