Shocking moment lorry smashes into cars after brakes fail

This is the dramatic moment a bin lorry ploughs into a row of cars after its brakes failed.

The truck was travelling along a busy road in Antipolo City, Philippines, on October 15 when it lost control.

Dash cam footage shows the truck speeding towards several vehicles in front of it. The crash involved a jeepney, a tricycle, a delivery van, and a cyclist.

Miraculously, nobody was killed in the tragedy and the injured people were taken to hospital for treatment.

Passing driver Tony Cuenca said: ''The truck's brakes failed opposite the Xentro Mall in Antipolo. It missed my car but I was scared for the passengers in the jeepney and other vehicles.''

Tony said he could hear the truck sounding its horn as it approached due to the driver knowing its brakes had failed and trying desperately to clear the way.

He added: ''The truck caused a lot of damage. It just kept going and going until it lost power. It was very scary. It's a miracle nobody was killed.''