Shocking moment men on motorcycle attack ambulance with an axe because 'driver honked at them'

This is the shocking moment two men on a motorcycle attacked an ambulance with an axe because they were angry the driver honked at them.

Paramedic Detnarong Songsang, 41, was on duty in Phuket, Thailand on May 20 when the motorcycle quickly switched to the same lane.

The driver beeped at them as a warning because the motorbike almost hit the left side of the ambulance. But the two men became furious and began chasing the vehicle.

One of them suddenly threw a solid item at the back of the ambulance before approaching the side and yelling at the driver to stop.

Detnarong slowed down but refused to follow their orders when he saw a black weapon pointed at him through the wing mirror.

Speaking after, the traumatised driver said: ''They threatened me with the weapon, so I drove faster because I didn’t want to have a fight. I knew they were still chasing after me but I didn’t care.

''They lost me for a while, so I stopped at the department store to buy some medical supplies for the ambulance. And that was when one of them got off the motorbike and ran after me.''

The rescue worker drove away but the motorcycle rider and his passenger continued throwing heavy things into the mirror. The biker then sped alongside the driver’s seat before cutting in front of the ambulance and smashing the headlight with the knife.

Detnarong was trying to get ahead of the motorcycle, hoping that they would stop harassing him, but they then continued hitting the rear mirror and the side mirror with an axe.

The driver accelerated to get away from the motorcycle and headed directly to a police station to reported the incident.

Phuket police immediately began hunting for suspects, whom they identified from the motorcycle's number plates.

Captain Natthi Phichitchainithimet, the inspector assistant of the Wichita police, said yesterday (May 23) that the suspects, whose names are revealed as Gif and Benz, were arrested in the morning and are under the custody of the provincial police.

Meanwhile, Phuket inspectors search their place and found illegal things - including a marijuana pipe, handmade bullets and bombs - and the clothes and the motorbike that were seen in the footage.

The teenagers finally confessed their irrational behaviour saying that they were furious because they did not like being hocked at.

Captain Natthi said: ''They were charged for causing damage to or the destruction of private property and threatening others with weapons. They’re also accused of illegal possession of firearms and ammunition as well.''