Shocking moment motorcyclists block ambulance rushing injured woman to hospital

A woman who was injured in a car crash almost died after the ambulance was held up in traffic by motorcyclists who refused to move.

The injured patient suffered a brain hemorrhage and fractured leg after the accident in Cagayan de Oro City, the Philippines on October 19.

She was picked up by an ambulance that turned on its sirens and flashing lights before speeding away to the local hospital.

But the driver was forced to wait for ten minutes in a queue of heavy traffic after ''insensitive'' road users blocked the path.

Footage shows motorcycle riders streaming in front of the emergency vehicle despite the critically injured patient inside.

Onlooker Elynne Acor who was a jeepney passenger beside the ambulance said: "Look how insensitive the motorists are. Care were giving space to the ambulance, but the motorists took it.

''The woman inside was crying as her husband tries to calm her down.''

The ambulance made it to the hospital with the victim alive. She has since recovered after the incident and been released.

According to the city's Roads and Traffic Administration, it is possible that there were no traffic officers in the area when the incident happened.

In the Traffic Code Act Article 5, section 49 of the Philippines, all vehicles must give way to emergency vehicles such as ambulance and fire trucks.