Shocking Sydney road rage results in man nearly being dragged out of car

This was the shocking moment a driver in Cabramatta was nearly dragged out of his car after an alleged altercation over a parking space on Sunday (July 14).

A man can be seen throwing punches through the driver's side window of a sedan and pulling the driver out of the window.

The driver, on Arthur Street, then reversed back into the culprit's vehicle in retaliation while shocked passersby watched.

It was testified by the filmer that the violence erupted after the sedan parked his car in a position where the van couldn't park - forcing the driver to reverse on a one-way road.

Before recording it was claimed that the violent man - or an acquaintance of his - smashed the windscreen of the sedan.

This prompted the driver to pull up in front of the man's car - while on the phone to the police - which led to the assault.

The filmer said: "Well, someone in the van smashed the sedan's windshield

"[The] sedan got in front of [the] van and blocked it off and was on phone to police, that’s when the video started.

"[It] started because of a car park spot, [the] sedan was to close to [the] van.

"[The] van couldn’t reverse into the parking spot.

"It being a one-way street, [the] van had to move and lost its spot.