Shocking video shows man catching pigeons with net in Florida parking lot

A shocking video has emerged from Florida in the USA which shows a man using a net to catch dozens of wild pigeons in a parking lot before loading the birds into the boot (trunk) of his car.

According to the filmer, he was on a fishing trip to Florida with a friend earlier this month when he stopped at some shops in the city of Largo.

It's there that they saw the man in the parking lot hiding behind a pole while feeding the pigeons bird seed.

"Being avid fishermen that we are, we knew what he was going to do with that net. There sure wasn't any water around," the filmer said.

"He captured a couple dozen and loaded them in the trunk of his car as if it was a just a normal thing he does daily," the filmer added.

"I truly have no idea why he was doing this but I would think he's either going to eat them, which is called squab, or he will use them to train hunting dogs," the filmer concluded.

One online commenter said: "Is this guy seriously going to eat some birds he caught in the parking lot with a f***ing net? So f****d up."