Singing donkey from India becomes internet sensation

In an astonishing incident, an Indian donkey’s voice sounded nothing lesser than a sweet song after it took the internet by storm as the ‘singing donkey of India’.

The Donkey was rescued by a charitable organisation after it was found lying on the streets of Pune in Maharashtra in India.

The donkey was lying wounded after her baby had died and was discovered by a good Samaritan who then reported it to the non-profit charitable organisation ‘RESQ’. The team from the organisation then rushed to the spot and rescued the ass.

After it was taken to the shelter the first sound that came out its mouth surprised everyone as it sounded nothing less than a song.

The video was soon shared by the rescue team after which it became a talk of the social media.

Named ‘Emily the singing donkey’, it was extremely aggressive when it first arrived in the shelter and to show that aggressiveness she would start braying but ended up singing every time as the vocal chord of Emily was completely different from the other donkeys.

In the video, the donkey can be heard trying to bray but ends up singing every time.

The video was shared by the organization and it soon gathered millions of views and comments on social media.