Sister pranks older brother as he attempts to pull off disappearing trick

This brother-sister pair looks like they've got quite the sibling rivalry going on.

20-year-old Dale is always tricking and scaring eight-year-old Shiann – and Shiann's decided she's finally had enough.

This video, filmed in Monaghan, Ireland on November 17, shows what happened.

Orchestrating the prank with the help of her mother, Shiann hid in the corner of the room while Dale came downstairs to show off a vanishing trick. Shiann then then quietly closes the door behind him.

"I will disappear in three... two... one," Dale announced as he held up a cloth.

He then drops the cloth and turns to run out the room, slamming hard into the door that he didn't realise was shut.

Dale's head and knees were sore after the prank, but it was all in good nature as he agreed to let his mother share the video online and admitted to Shiann that she had "got him back very badly".