Ski instructor gives screaming encouragement to student in Bosnian mountains

A viral video from a ski slope in Bosnia showed a hilarious ski lesson being hosted by a very shouty instructor directing a shaky student through the snow.

The hilarious video, filmed on Bjelasnica Mountain on December 28, 2018, shows a ski student going downhill while his instructor, Dino Ramčilović, yells directions loudly until the student swerves off-piste into a nearby forest.

Ramčilović can be heard shouting for the skier to: "Press right ski!" then "Press left!", then after that to "Put your head up."

When the skier started going towards the forest he called: "Don't go there! There is a bear there!"

The video has since gone viral in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with Ramčilović appearing on television programs to talk up his funny encouragement.