Ski Patrol Team Catches Woman Dropping from Lift

Occurred on January 3, 2021 / Canandaigua, New York, USA

Info from Licensor: "I was at the front of the lift line with my friends, waiting to go up the mountain, when the lift stopped and a panicked worker ran through the line. My friend said, "There's an emergency." Then a few seconds later, she yelled, "Someone's hanging from the lift!" We watched ski patrol run up and open a tarp below her, and hold it taught. The girl maneuvered herself to the lowest position on the chairlift, still hanging. Her helmet fell to the ground. Her jacket fell. People were yelling, "Just do it!" But she dangled from the lift for more than three minutes. Finally, she let go, and ski patrol caught her safely. She had apparently sat too soon on the chair, so couldn't get seated properly, and as the lift took off, she just kept slipping. Then her jacket and helmet got stuck."

Credit to: Susan Ashline