Sleepy Baby Still Wants to Play

We all know how absolutely adorable babies and kids can be. But the one in this video goes further than that! She is so cute and funny that you really must check out this video! But, first, prepare yourself for a serious cuteness overload! That’s how adorable this one is! This video shows a lovely baby girl who lulls herself to sleep in a baby jumper! LOL! This clip starts with this sweet baby girl napping in her jumper before she opens her eyes and starts jumping again. But, just a couple of seconds later, she gets so sleepy again that she literarily lulls herself back to sleep on that baby jumper! OMG, you have to see this! But the funniest thing is, there is another baby in this video too. You cannot see her, but you can hear here. And she’s pretty loud too! But not even her can wake up our sleeping beauty girl! LOL!