Sloth needs a lift from passing driver to help cross the road

A couple vacationing in Costa Rica pulled over while driving on a rural road to help a struggling pedestrian: a lost tree sloth.

The pair were being driven near Aguirre, Puntarenas in southeast Costa Rica on February 5, when their driver spotted the beleaguered sloth trying to make the crossing.

The driver then got out and carried it across the road before placing it into a tree, while the sloth was waving its arms, as if waving goodbye.

The filmer commented: "It was obvious to us that if we did not help the little Sloth get across the road he might have been hit by a car as he was taking a very long time crossing.

"The sloth seems so very happy at the end of the video that he was returned to safety and got a 'lift' across the road. It seems that he gave us a big smile."