Slow-Mo Video of Baby's Face is Hilarious

This video is a perfect combination of cuteness and hilariousness! It shows a baby girl blowing raspberries in slow motion and you absolutely have to check it out! As the video begins, you can see an adorable baby girl playing her favorite game. She’s blowing raspberries and she’s totally precious! I don’t know what it is about blowing raspberries that excites babies so much, but they all absolutely adore this silly game! Did you know that both blowing raspberries and spitting bubbles are beneficial for the baby’s growth? How cool is that? Both of those silly activities are the stops on the road to the baby’s first words! Who would have thought that you should encourage your little bundle of joy to blow raspberries? That’s so amazing, isn’t it? Either way, the little girl from this video so precious that I can’t stop watching her! I just can’t handle this amount of cuteness!