Snake activates US doorbell camera while trying to reach bird's nest above

This doorbell camera in Arkansas was activated by a hungry snake attempting to climb up to a bird's nest above the door.

Filmed on June 12, the snake can be seen flicking its tongue out before slithering up the wall towards the birds.

Shane, who's doorbell camera caught this footage, told Newsflare: "I was sitting in an executive meeting when the alert that someone was at my door went off.

"I looked at the camera and was stunned. Showed my coworkers and completely derailed the meeting.

"I live in a neighbourhood but we are on about 1 acre lots and then there is plenty of woods around the neighbourhood.

"It isn't uncommon to see deer in the yard, never on the doorbell though. We've had tiny six-inch snake before, but again, never ON the doorbell.

"I have kids and was going to remove the snake from my property but it was gone."