Snake attempts to bite cars as they nearly run it over in Texas

Footage has recently emerged online of a snake in Texas attempting to take bites out of passing cars as they nearly run it over in Austin, Texas.

The serpent can be seen stationary a point in the road where drivers can turn right.

Multiple vehicles take the turning and narrowly avoid flattening the reptile while it lunges at some cars.

The filmer explained: "[It was recorded] outside my apartment complex.

"Animal Control was called and came by later to (move it/help it) so it was not killed by any cars.

"I did not know what species of snake it was or if it was poisonous but I kept a safe distance because of all the biting it was doing.

"I stayed near it for about 10 mins to warn anyone who may not see it. I stopped 2 bike riders from going right over it and by stopping them I made one biker crash right into another.

"[I] slowed a couple of cars down that were turning so they could possibly avoid it.

"Some people did not care to slow down, although no one intentionally tried to run it over."

The footage was captured on May 17.