Snake catcher risks life to rescue angry cobra inside 60-feet well

This is the moment a snake expert is lowered into a 60-feet well to rescue a stranded cobra.

Hanging inside the well, the rescuer battled to rescue the stressed snake, which tried to take repeated swipes at him.

The incident occurred at Kasar Pimpa village in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra, India, on November 14.

The Wildlife Rescue Society, Ahmednagar, received a call from a farmer in the village that a snake had fallen into his agricultural well.

The cobra had tried to climb up the well on its own. But it had got stranded halfway through as the walls got steeper and smoother.

A rescue team rushed to the spot and Nawaz Shaikh, 24, volunteered to go down the well.

Hanging inside with the help of a climbing harness, Nawaz tried to pluck the cobra from the wall with a snake stick.

But the manoeuvre failed as the snake slipped and fell into the water.

Then Nawaz further went down to the water and managed to capture the cobra.

Akash Jadhav, who led the rescue team, said: “This was a challenge as the snake had taken refuge in the wall of the well. Rescue is much easier when the snake is in water.”

The cobra was later released in a nearby forest.