Snake lunges at dog after intense stand-off in Thailand

This brave dog showed he was not afraid of snakes - barking at a serpent as it lunged at him with fangs bared.

The five-year-old pooch named Mon spotted the vicious rat snake outside his owner's house in Saraburi, central Thailand, on Tuesday (August 27) afternoon.

Dog owner Chattaphon watched as his protective mutt went eye-to-eye with the snake, which rose up with its mouth spread wide open.

The rat snake leapt towards the dog several times in an attempt to defend itself by biting it. But the nimble pooch backed away and returned with its aggressive barking.

The snake - harmless to humans but deadly to smaller animals - was eventually forced with slither away in defeat.

Chattaphon said: ''It's good to know that my dog will always protect me against snakes.

"I just hope that he's never bitten by something more dangerous.''