Snowboarder clears 60ft pond before somersaulting at California ski resort

A high octane finale for a snowboarder who managed to glide across an artificial pond at the bottom of the slope then finished it off with a spectacular flip over the weekend (April 13).

The footage, shot at China Peak ski resort in California, shows the high octane athlete clear a three-foot deep, 60-foot long pond at the bottom of the slope - if that's not enough he executes a flip on his exit.

Moving at speeds of "roughly" 40mph (64kph), the snowboarder completes the pond in a manoeuvre known as "skimming" and pulls off a frontflip, which is also known as a "tamedog."

The filmer said: "[It's] an unbelievably difficult trick to pull off on a jump, even harder on flat land and near impossible out of the lip of a water-filled tarp."