Snowstorm and ice leave quarter of million people without power in southern Quebec

Montreal and its region experienced a severe snowstorm on Tuesday (April 9), with icy conditions and strong winds the day before, leaving a quarter of a million Hydro-Québec customers without electricity.

In the video, we can see heavy snowfalls in Montreal city center.

After a long period of freezing rain and strong winds that devastated Quebec's power lines on Monday, about 250,000 people were without power early Tuesday morning in southern Quebec. Some schools even had to close for the day.

More snow and ice are expected as another storm will hit the region in the coming days, adding weight and pressure to the already paralysed power lines.

Quebecers without power may have to spend another night in the dark according to authorities.

Emergency officials are urging residents to take extra precautions in regards to the outages as carbon monoxide poisoning, fires and traffic pileups have all been reported.