SpaceX Falcon Heavy seen in the Florida sky after launching from Cape Canaveral

Footage from Winter Garden in the Sunshine State shows the Falcon Heavy rocket designed by SpaceX launching into the night sky earlier today (June 25).

The filmer caught the spectacle from her backyard which was over an hour's drive from the launch site.

She said: "We moved from Colorado to Florida in January. I had seen two launches prior, from much further away. But this one was great to see."

"[It was a] very clear and quiet night here in Florida. The launch was so bright and the sonic boom that came later was amazing.

"We are blessed to be able to watch the launches from our backyard now."

The rocket which had 24 research satellites onboard was the heaviest flight for the spacecraft as it took off on its third flight.

SpaceX explained that the launch was "challenging" as the satellites on board needed to be placed into three different orbits.