Spooky glowing 'ghost' captured on CCTV trapped inside car park

This is the spooky moment a glowing 'ghost' was seen on CCTV appearing to be trapped inside a car park.

A security guard in the Philippines was baffled after noticing the mysterious object in one of the screens during his shift.

Footage shows how the apparition was vibrating at the exit to a car park below the apartment block in the Malate district of, Manila last Friday (June 21).

It appeared to be trapped and waiting for the shutters to open so it could leave.

But when the security guard went to investigate and the lights came on, the ghost suddenly disappeared.

The guard - who refused to be identified because he had been mocked by colleagues - said: ''I had been working the night shift and was patrolling the building then went to check the recorded video for monitoring.

''There was a round glowing object going that looked like it was flying at the exit of the car park.

"I don't know what it was the camera caught. Is it an angel or a ghost?

''There is no light in the area where this camera is facing, so it's definitely not a reflection."

"It's moving like a cloud. I have seen that glowing thing before in another camera, but I shrugged it off because I thought it was just a glitch. Then I saw it again here."

The guard said he will still continue to work on the night shift despite the incident giving him the chills. He added: ''Paying the bills comes first, no matter how scared I was.''