Squirrel Trying to get Food is Hilarious

Squirrels are such amazing and smart creatures! They are incredibly adaptable and very resourceful, especially when it comes to food! But have you ever wondered how far they are ready to go for a single oak nut? Well, check out this video and find out! LOL! It shows an adorable little squirrel who tries to climb on a window just to take this single piece. Someone has duct taped an oak nut on a glass window, and it didn’t take long before it lured this cute little squirrel. She is now standing on the outer side of this window and tries to get the nut with her tiny paws. But, whatever she does, it seems like this delicious piece of nut will stay unreachable forever! LOL! However, the squirrels are not quitters! After some time of tries and fails, she finally gets the nut and eats it with relish! And all I have to say to that, she really deserved it!