Steampunk Parade in Groningen

Occurred on December 30, 2022 / Groningen, The Netherlands

Info from Licensor: "On December 30, 2023, my family and I visited Groningen. Although I was born in The Netherlands and have visited my family, I had never toured Groningen! The streets were bustling with people visiting the markets and shopping. I had spotted the back end of these magical machines and was hoping I would see them again. Later in the day we turned a corner and guess who was coming my way? How exciting! The photographer in me quickly noticed the Martini Toren in the background and the perfect setting for a photo. I made a last-minute decision to record a video instead, who knew everyone would enjoy it! I am so happy I get the opportunity to show off something so cool from Groningen. Shoutout to the Abacus Theatre that runs these magical machines."