Stray puppy attacked with hot tarmac in Thailand makes amazing recovery

This plucky puppy has fought back from the brink of death after being attacked with hot tarmac.

The skinny stray was discovered cowering behind a petrol station with her backside and hind legs severely burned after being covered in the hot, sticky mixture.

Locals in Ang Thong, central Thailand, called the emergency services while keeping watch on the terrified mutt after the incident on May 15.

Asana Pomloy, who found the puppy, said she appeared to have taken refuge in a narrow gap behind walls at the petrol station after her injury.

The little pooch may also have given up on life and found a quiet place to pass away in solitude.

But after two months of care, the dog, who has been named 'Tarmac', is fighting fit. Her wounds are healed and she is learning to trust humans.

Asana said: ''I found the puppy and she was in pain. The workers at the petrol station think she had been there for two days. It must have been torture for her.

''There are roadworks nearby and they think that one of the construction workers attacked her with the tarmac and she ran away. Perhaps because there are lots of stray dogs and they were annoyed at them.''

Rescue workers arrived and lured the injured dog out from her hiding place by using sausages. One paramedic then crawled inside the narrow space and gently carried her to safety.

The mongrel, then four-month-old, was treated at an animal hospital for one night before being held by an animal shelter in the province, where her transformation began.

Thannawat Thoophom, the owner of Heart Hugs Dogs foundation, has dedicated his time taking care of her and washing her wounds regularly. She has now finally started to trust him and become familiar with the other dogs in the shelter.

The Aspin has been named ‘Ma-Toi’ which means tarmac in Thai.

Ma-Toi is emotionally stable and almost fully recovered from the injury after careful treatment.

Thannawat said: ''Her look was very depressing and she didn't let anyone touch her on the first day she came. It also took a while for me to earn her trust.

''Her story has touched many dog lovers out there. Many of them have also volunteered to adopt her. But we have to make sure she's one hundred percent recovered before moving her to a new home.''