Street performer does incredible Matrix bullet dodging pose at Japanese comic festival

This busker performed an awesome pose imitating the iconic bullet dodging scene from the Matrix.

The cosplay fanatic was wearing dark black clothes and sunglasses just like Neo, played by Keanu Reeves, in the hit trilogy series.

He was bent backwards imitating the classic slow-motion scene from the Matrix movie where Neo evades a flurry of bullets.

Onlookers were impressed by the sci-fi fanatic's illusion when he was seen at the Comiket convention in Tokyo, Japan last Friday (10/08) afternoon.

Movie fan Ryoh said: ''At first I didn't know how he was doing in then I saw the white stool underneath. It's one of the best busking acts I've seen. I couldn’t help but take a video.''

This year's Summer Comiket, also known as C96, is a biannual indie manga, anime, game, and cosplay convention and the largest event in Japan.

Among the highlights of the event is the chance to meet and greet well-known cosplayers.