Strong durian bearers carry up to 120 kg of fruit to market every day

Durian season has begun in Indonesia, and the Baduy tribal community has started harvesting the heavy fruits from the forest and carrying them to market in loads of up to 80kg.

However, bringing in the durian harvests needs bearers, and the Baduy, ranging from teenagers to adults, are able to carry between 10 pieces to 60 pieces of durian fruit. One durian can weigh one to two kilograms, so these burdens can weigh up to 120kg.

Especially strong bearers are able to carry 60 to 80 durians, almost 3 times their body weight, and bringing durian on a Baduy path requires courage, coordination and balance.

The slippery paths can rise to a steepness of more than 60 degrees, with a cliff on the other side of the trail. The path alone is another attraction that draws tourists interested in seeing the durian harvest.

The Baduy live in Banten province, in western Java, where durian grow wild in the forests, and tourists come to the market very specifically to exploit the harvest the Baduy bring in.

They are paid INR 1,000 / piece, equivalent to USD $0.80 cent, but the filmer claimed that this wage is enough for the Baduy people.