Strong winds see debris ripped from Dallas skyscraper under construction

Debris was seen falling from a skyscraper in Dallas, Texas as strong gales battered the huge building.

Filmed on Sunday (June 9), several pieces of debris can be seen flying through the air as the wind rips it from the construction site at the top of the tower.

Rory, who filmed this video, told Newsflare: "The wind picked up out of nowhere, so it was kind of shock, to see it all happening so quickly. Then it continuously got stronger, picking up bigger and bigger bits of debris, so I figured it best to head back indoors.

"I was at a rooftop pool at a nearby hotel, and where the majority of the debris seemed to land behind the neighbouring skyscraper, although some of it seemed to be whipped around it entirely and back towards where I was standing.

"I come from Ireland, where storms and winds tend not to be that powerful, and was in Dallas on holiday, so it was a first for me to see winds that strong."