Stunning footage shows divers swimming with 20-foot-long great white off Hawaii coast

Divers near Oahu were monitoring tiger sharks feeding off a decomposed sperm whale when they encountered what some would regard as their greatest fear, but for them, an incredible discovery – a great white shark.

And it wasn't just any great white. According to marine biologist and conservationist, Ocean Ramsey, who is seen in the video, the shark in question was Deep Blue. The 20-foot-long creature is believed to be one of the largest on record and has created such a name for itself in the world of marine biology that it even has its own Twitter account.

The filmer, who took the footage on January 15, recounted the incident to Newsflare.

"When we first got there there were a bunch of tiger sharks feasting on the carcass and then suddenly they all swam away, probably sensing what was approaching," the filmer said.

The 50-year-old shark later swam right by the carcass towards the divers, seemingly more interested in the group than the whale carcass.

"She then made her way out to the surrounding boats to check them out as well. After that she slowly descended and swam off," the filmer said.

Great whites are uncommon in Hawaii's warm waters, Ramsey said, but hunger could have driven the shark out of its comfort zone.

State wildlife officials took to Facebook to discourage the public from approaching the rotting whale carcass and the wildlife it attracts, warning that the shark may mistaken divers as food.