Stunning hidden waterfall revealed amid tropical forest in Indonesia

Indonesian locals hope this hidden waterfall in Sasnek village will attract tourists from around the world and raise money for the nearby area.

The obscurely located 65ft (20 metres) high waterfall was discovered in 2003 and only emerged as a tourist destination in 2014 when the Indonesian Army entered the area.

According to Niko Sasnek, the reputed owner of the tourist location, there are many local and foreign tourists who often visit this area when the holidays arrive - despite the muddy roads and raging rivers that have to be negotiated to access it.

He also added that entry to the location, which boasts weird and wonderful wildlife, is based on vehicle size. For four-wheeled vehicles, the tariff is 100,000 rupiahs (£5.68) and for two-wheeled vehicles it is 50,000 rupiahs (£2.84).

Niko hopes that there will be attention from the regional government to help develop the business.