Stunning view of multi-coloured market stall roofs becomes popular selfie destination in Thailand

This might be Bangkok’s busiest night market but tourists are visiting for a different reason - the multicoloured roofs.

The Rot Fai Train Night Market has hundreds of stalls selling food and souvenirs until the early hours of the morning.

However, the stunning sea of brightly coloured roofs has become the area’s must-see attraction.

A steady stream of thousands of sight-seers can be found on the multi-storey shopping mall car park which overlooks the outdoor market.

There, they pose for selfies with the canvas tops in the background as shoppers swarm through the tiny alleyways below.

The unique lay of stalls crammed into the tiny space and the lamps which illuminate them have created the beautiful sight.

It has become the must-visit ‘Instagram’ spot for tourists to show the bustling markets of the Thai capital.

Wipha Mansuon, a shop assistant who works near the market, said: ''I had walked through the market many times but never seen the view from above. I was surprised at how many tourists there were in the car park taking pictures of the roofs. It was beautiful though.''

Night Market manager Nattasit Wattana said: ''There’s nowhere else in Thailand where people can see such a sight. Many people like to take pictures from above and it has become the symbol of the market. I recommend people to look but also to remember to walk through the stalls.''