SubpoenaButter-the-Tax-Returns: Guilty Pleas-ures truck hands out free ice cream in DC

Chocolate SubpoenaButter-the-Tax-Returns Swirl, MuellerBerry (V/Fake Moos) and Michael Waffle Cone Lied to Congress are just some of the flavours on offer at the Guilty Pleas-ures ice cream truck, which has been handing out free scoops on the streets of DC since November 14.

"We’re Washington D.C.’s first investigation-themed ice cream truck," the Guilty Pleas-ures truck proudly proclaimed on Twitter when it kicked off operations.

Since then, it has cropped up at various significant DC landmarks, including the US Supreme Court, the Trump Hotel and the Russian Embassy.

The footage was filmed by Caleb Hamilton on December 4 at 400 N. Capitol St.