Superb slackliner lands 'WORLD'S FIRST' double backflip

Determined athlete Jaan Roose, who is based in Estonia, landed what is thought to be the world's first double backflip on a slackline.

After numerous failed attempts, Roose manages to compose himself after backflipping twice and stay on the slackline.

The talented slackliner told Newsflare: "I've been slacklining for 9 years already and it took me six years to do the most wanted trick in slacklining. No one else was able to successfully land this since 'tricklining' existed."

Upon landing the spectacular trick in the Estonia village of Vihtra earlier this month, Roose and his friend can both be heard letting out a cry of celebration. "Did it happen? I got it?" he asks incredulously in his native Estonian.

The professional slackliner has worked as a performer during Madonna's "MDNA" tour. Roose has also worked as a stunt double for the movie "Assasin's Creed."