Supercell Storm Moves in Fast

Occurred on October 11, 2018 / Rainbow Beach, Queensland, Australia

Info from Licensor: "I had been watching the radar and knew that we were going to get slammed by this supercell storm. On the radar it was completely black. The storm was coming in from the west and for a bit I thought it might go south of us so we would just get the edge. About 30 kilometers from the house the storm changed course and headed right for us, coming straight out of the south. We have a 12 meter wall of sliding glass doors on the north side of the house and a bit over 5 meters of sliding glass doors on the south. I watched the storm coming and to get the best view slid the screens back out of the way so I had clear view to the north. I saw the storm approaching and started the video and during this video the storm hit. It was pretty amazing how fast it went from relatively calm to flat out insane. The weather station on the garage was registering over 100km/hour before the wind bent two steel plate and tipped it over at a 30 degree angle. In the end we survived with a bunch of water at the doors and the wind even blew loads of water into the kitchen pantry via the pantry fan that was on the south wall. Lots of debris everywhere but the only damage we really had was to the week old split system air conditioning unit that now has big dents in the cooling fins on the south side. It still works but we will be contacting the installer to ask if we should worry about the damage."