Surfer Andrew Cotton experiences brutal new wipeout

Surfer Andrew Cotton, who broke his back wiping out on a 60-foot wave earlier this year, experiences a new brutal wipeout in Nazaré, Portugal.

The big wave season has started in the town and some of the best surfers around the globe have been chasing the infamous waves in Praia do Norte over the past few weeks. The beach is listed on the Guinness Book of Records for being home to the biggest waves ever surfed.

Cotton won the 'WSL Biggest Wipeout Award' last season, and is now a favourite for this year’s edition. In this footage, shot by local filmmaker Pedro Miranda, Cotton manages to ride the approximately 60-foot wave until a bump strikes his board, making him fall off.

Cotton survived unscathed but his surfboard was later found broken in two. “All good, it’s what I needed for confidence," he told Miranda. "It’s important to know I’m strong enough to take them though. So I’m stoked!”

Miranda added that it was "one of the worst wipeouts I’ve ever watched out there."

"He managed to take it strong like it was nothing, after last season's injury we are all happy to see Cotty charging again with confidence like before."

The video was shot on November 7.