SUV Climbing Mountain For a Picture Rolls Back Down

Occurred on June 19, 2022 / Kabardino-Balkarian Republic, Tyzilskoye Gorge, Russia

Info from Licensor: At a meeting of a jeep group, a group of 28 cars stopped for a break. Having gathered further along the route, one of the drivers decided to climb up and take a beautiful photo of our camp from above the mountain. Having almost risen, the car slipped into a slip and began to lose speed, and then, as if on a sled, it slid down the slope, then everything developed very quickly and the car began to turn/. The wheels disassembled and the disks rested on the ground, a coup is inevitable. According to the driver, he remembers the first two revolutions, then apparently hit the roof and lost consciousness. The driver was taken to Nalchik to the hospital and got examined. The result was damage to the ligament of the knee, a slight concussion, and trauma to the chest and left shoulder. The car suffered more severely and requires body replacement, the units were not damaged, and the car is on the move.